Saturday, January 7, 2012


Blake and I decided to go on a little shopping trip. Kennedy wasn't feeling well this morning but nana offered to watch her so we could still go out. She is a great nana! We are having fun, just the two of us. Although we do miss little bit and wish she felt better so she could have come.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Potty Training: Day 2

So yesterday's potty training didn't go so well. We had all accidents and no successful trips to the potty. After seriously considering giving up, we are in for round two today. She woke up asking to put her panties on. So I guess that's a good thing...

Hopefully we will have at least one successful trip today!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

New Years comes every year and at this time I always reflect more on the past years than I do the future ones. I remember one new years specifically when I wrote a long letter to a friend that I was having a difficult time with to try to rekindle our friendship. We are now still best friends and I will always remember the walk in the park we had new years day in 2005. I have a letter that I could write this year too, it's amazing how time and circumstances and in some instances just plain stubbornness can make two great friends become strangers.

Anyway, on a more positive less nostalgic note, the Wrinns brought in the new year separately this year. Kennedy was in bed at her normal time I was at work until 2:30am (oh the joys of the hospitality industry) and Blake was writing a song as the new year came (so dedicated :) ).

Blake and I got to celebrate last night with our friends Hannah and Ricky. Hannah fixed a great meal and their house and we got to play quelf! It was great to have a grown up double date with our newly wed friends :).

This year is, like all the others, filled with goals and plans for me. First on the list? Potty training...

We switched Kennedy to big girl panties today. Accidents and no successes in the potty yet but it's just day one. I am just having to stay positive and keep encouraging her (which I will admit is a little hard when I am faced with the whiny "I can't" and the screaming and running away from the potty when I ask her to try). Maybe God created potty training to build patience in parents :).

Second in the list is finding a job and moving to Nashville for Blake to continue his music career. He is doing very well and already traveling there once a week. So please pray for us as we look for jobs and places to live.

I got an iPhone for Christmas and I love it! With this new blogger app hopefully I will update more often :) Heck, let's just go ahead and put that on the list of things to do too!